Friday, August 24, 2012


Its been some time that I have felt like doing anything with my blog. I deleted it all as the words that I had written were hampering me from being able to move forward and re-emerge. That severe self editing has definitely helped; I still refer back to those awful dark days of the initial breakdown of my marriage and return to England, but its now a tidy corner of my mind, rather than a messy uncontrollable bundle of confusion, depression and loneliness.

But I do need to just pick out some elements of that period here, because without them I would not have started to find Pootle again.

(The hummingbird is the Native American symbol for renewal and rebirth)

I am no longer directionless. Northumberland has been completely internalised and I have started on a path of learning and health that I will not be distracted from.  I am doing my up most to ensure the children emerge from the changes with more vigour, rather than let the trauma of separation and cataclysmic change sap all their life force. I am encouraged by new friendships here and a welcome from strangers that I will be forever grateful. Some of those strangers are already friends and their belief in what Poots can do is just incredible!

More later....

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