Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clean Slate?

I wiped out my blog history. Daft huh?

Fresh beginnings ?

Or hiding from something ?

Or hiding from someone ?

Perhaps hiding from myself ?

Dismantling those feelings are harder when in solid writing I thought.

A feedback loop.

But it seems not.

Its still there inside me.

The gape in my being still hurts.

The White Noise is back. 

1 comment:

  1. The noise, the NOISE, eating EATING away.
    Persistent, perfidic, parasitic.
    Like a parasitic worm eating, intent
    Not on taking my life, but ruling.
    Malicious oppressive dictator despot.
    Sucking me dry, to a lifeless husk.

    But this is a worm of no corporeal form.
    No body, no mass,
    No physical shape that can be excised by knife.
    And therein lies its weakness.
    The route to its removal, its banishment.
    Corporeal its not but rooted it is.

    Like a flame needing spark to come to be,
    Like a flame needing oxygen to persist.
    Noise needs a trigger to start its malicious feeding.
    A trigger, a switch to maintain its life.
    A root, an Achilles heel.

    That can banish the noise if found,
    And removed.
    Switched off.

    This parasitic worm conceals its root,
    For therein lies the path to excise.
    Find the root, the cause, the thought process
    Giving life to this debilitating, life-sucking evil entity.
    And change.

    Let it drain life blood no more.
    Reclaim what is rightfully yours,
    Your peace of mind,
    Your life.