Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Walk with Welly, 7th February

I was determined to make carrot cake today. Thinking it would do me good to try a something new I went online to find a recipe, hopefully with ingredients that I would already have in. Walnuts, carrots, cream cheese, self raising flour are all in my cupboard just waiting to be in a carrot cake. I found a recipe and I had the ingredients... but the measures were in cups (for goodness sake USA the rest of us went imperial donkeys ago). Well thinking how silly, cup measures are for women's under- garments (and forever perplexing for me). That was it, I suddenly panicked that I would have to think about converting the measures. So the carrot cake project for today was shelved for a day when my head wants to think. 

So I diverted to my needed, "I don't need to think about this" routine, (ideal when ones head is in crisis) and decided to get Welly up and out for our normal walk in the woods by the river. He'd had his breakfast, so surely would be raring to go.

On the contrary, he had other ideas for his morning.....

refusing to believe its actually morning... a classic Welly pose.

 Still in denial

Anyway I managed to persuade him that good things lay in store in the woods. He wasn't impressed by this young field spaniel.... a newbie on the block and with a weapon. So frightening, his heckles went up! And then he ran away.

Unusually he got his feet wet. He isn't one for puddles, or rivers or the sea!

This is his look when he wants a biscuit out of my pocket at the halfway mark. Sit dead in front of me and doesn't budge until post snack time. He is very predictable.

And this is the look when the biscuit is on top of the camera.

I usually find it very hard to photograph Wellington as he is always ahead of me. I normally only see his little bum on a walk!

 Welly with something disgusting. Probably a rabbit skin. "Don't even try and take it off me.... you'll have to catch me first"

"And when I do this puppy look you really don't mind if I eat it"

Now this was most unusual. A trick. Standing still on a mossy tree trunk. The problem was capturing the moment. Every time I stood back to snap him he jumped off. Even more bizarrely he was happy to keep getting back on.  Eventually he got the hang of staying still (biscuit on top of camera again)

Dog ahead alert... on my path! Another newbie (she was a lovely old girl)

And then she wandered off. 

Getting the hang of posing for the camera.

This is what you want in a dog... perfect poise
(Now he is just showing off his standing still skills learnt today)

Tired now, but on the home straight.

One last picture, again an unusual thing for him to do!



  1. Your managed some great shots of Welly at last, agreeon the good pose! where you lying on the ground shooting him for that one? lol

  2. I think Welly is very handsome. very nice pictures.

  3. Lovely dog, lovely pictures too.