Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time to Resurrect the Blog.

A whirlwind year has passed with as many ups as downs, a few achievements and a fair share of set backs on my new(ish) life in Northumberland.

This time last year was hideous. 

But 2013 developed into a year where I actually started living in the present, rather than bitterly trying to retrieve the past, purely because it was known.
So these are what I consider to being my small, but significant achievements of the year:
  • Achievement no.1 - qualifying as a Nordic Walking and Fitness Instructor.
  • Achievement no 2 - having a photographic commission to document Challenge Walks for Shepherds Walks in addition to other commissioned photography.
  • Achievement no. 3 - Gaining employing as a UK travel consultant with Shepherds Walks Holidays
  • Achievement no. 4 - Looking healthier (ie yes I finally put on some weight).
  • Achievement no. 5 - returned to the classroom as a supply teacher on an occasional basis AND enjoying it! (occasional being the essential element here)
I have not blogged during the year at all as there were so many mixed up variables and "u" turns that really any readers would have got quite dizzy (and I would not want to inflict my dizziness on others.

However I still am working on my next main step, which is the overall goal. I have the bank account and brand name. I have equipment and contacts. I still need a website however, and this I hope will be the step that opens up my window of opportunity to actually earning a living in the fitness and leisure sector.

If you have been watching my progress and waiting for the big launch... it is coming. I promise. You have been very patient! But all the little things I have done have been my little steps. You can only take little steps sometimes in life, but they can add up to a huge journey eventually!

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  1. Great to hear, good luck, onwards & upwards.